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Recruiting talented researchers worldwide

Since 2007, AcademicTransfer organizes PhD workshops abroad, looking for opportunities to arrange meetings between Dutch professors and recruiters and talented young master students, looking for a PhD in The Netherlands. China, Brazil, USA, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and South Korea are visited on a regular basis or based on possible pilots in such country. We are also exploring opportunities in South Africa for 2019.


We aim at countries providing scholarships and events where professors can schedule time slots to have one-on-one interviews with the students. The track record shows each delegate found at least one, and often as many as 6 or more PhD's attending just one event. Big events like Beijing and Shanghai cover almost all disciplines and scientific fields, smaller scale pilots like Vietnam and Indonesia are targetted based on the disciplines asked for by the Dutch delegates.


AcademicTransfer annually organizes PhD Workshops abroad to interest master students (often bringing their own scholarship) in a PhD program in the Netherlands. The aim is to bring students and faculties into contact with each other. In first instance, this is done digitally, to exchange research proposals and CVs. In second instance, the PhD Workshop will follow, where professors and students with mutual interest can meet face-to-face in order to discuss the research proposal. The PhD workshops abroad are part of services AcademicTransfer provides as the job board for researchers in The Netherlands.


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